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Favorite Looking over the steep valley from Winay Wayna ruins

Inca Trail - Trek to Machu Picchu

19.4 mi 31.2 km 6,822' Up 2079.24 m Up 6,876' Down 2095.87 m Down

Ollanta…, PE
Favorite Heading for our campsite by the pond after another long day.

Highland Mary Lakes Loop

7.8 mi 12.5 km 1,824' Up 555.88 m Up 1,824' Down 555.87 m Down

Silverton, CO
Favorite Heading towards Grassy Ridge Bald.

AT: Carver's Gap to US19E

13.8 mi 22.2 km 1,821' Up 555.12 m Up 4,416' Down 1346.06 m Down

Roan Mo…, TN
Favorite Viewpoint and suitable backpacking campsite off the River to River trail. (Very close to trail, unfortunately).

River To River Trail: Garden of the Gods Wilderness Section

5.4 mi 8.7 km 516' Up 157.15 m Up 654' Down 199.24 m Down

Rosiclare, IL
Favorite There's no place like Spectacle Lake to hang your hammock.

Spectacle Lake

19.5 mi 31.3 km 2,603' Up 793.54 m Up 2,604' Down 793.57 m Down

Skykomish, WA
Favorite Fall Tundra in Chugach State Park.

Crow Pass / Eagle River Trail - Iditarod National Historic Trail

23.0 mi 37.1 km 3,013' Up 918.26 m Up 4,036' Down 1230.09 m Down

Girdwood, AK
Favorite Looking across the Chinook Pass highway towards Sourdough Ridge

Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

2,690.8 mi 4,330.4 km 429,551' Up 130927 m Up 428,573' Down 130629 m Down

Campo, CA
Favorite Small shoals near a campsite along Long Branch Creek

Standing Indian (Nantahala Headwaters) Loop

21.9 mi 35.3 km 3,960' Up 1206.92 m Up 3,972' Down 1210.8 m Down

Franklin, NC
Favorite Hetch Hetchy wildflowers.

Hetch Hetchy Loop

27.7 mi 44.5 km 5,499' Up 1676.15 m Up 5,500' Down 1676.39 m Down

Yosemit…, CA
Favorite Fall leaves in the Conundrum Valley

Conundrum Hot Springs Out-and-Back

17.4 mi 28.0 km 2,536' Up 772.93 m Up 2,535' Down 772.82 m Down

Aspen, CO
Favorite Lower Viewpoint about 0.2 mi from the peak.

Bear Mountain

5.4 mi 8.7 km 1,549' Up 472.12 m Up 1,548' Down 471.96 m Down

Salisbury, CT
Favorite View of the mountains across the forest from the trail.

Baker Gulch to Bowen Lake

19.9 mi 32.0 km 4,483' Up 1366.38 m Up 4,483' Down 1366.29 m Down

Grand Lake, CO
Favorite View from the top of Mount Eddy.

Mount Eddy Out-and-Back

10.7 mi 17.3 km 2,232' Up 680.41 m Up 2,232' Down 680.19 m Down

Weed, CA
Favorite High Mount

Santa Cruz Traverse

13.4 mi 21.6 km 2,573' Up 784.37 m Up 2,568' Down 782.81 m Down

Anacapa…, CA
Favorite Above Large Pool in Owl Canyon

Fish and Owl Canyon Loop Route

17.1 mi 27.5 km 1,992' Up 607.16 m Up 1,995' Down 608.12 m Down

Blanding, UT
Favorite Columbine Lake with crystal clear reflection

Columbine Lake Out-and-Back

6.4 mi 10.3 km 978' Up 298 m Up 978' Down 297.96 m Down

Fraser, CO
Favorite Great Sand Dunes National Park

Tallest Dunes Out-and-Back

15.3 mi 24.6 km 1,810' Up 551.69 m Up 1,810' Down 551.59 m Down

Crestone, CO
Favorite Rays and ridges from Waterrock Knob. Photo by Robert Stephens.

Mountains-to-Sea Trail

1,237.1 mi 1,991.0 km 74,609' Up 22740.7 m Up 80,868' Down 24648.5 m Down

Gatlinburg, TN
Favorite Trail between Bison and McCurdy Peaks.

Lost Creek Lasso via Twin Eagles

38.9 mi 62.7 km 6,904' Up 2104.38 m Up 6,887' Down 2099.06 m Down

Bailey, CO
Favorite Taken during the "Cowbell Race Series: Soup in the Snow" event the first Saturday of every February.

Upper Palisades Lake

14.4 mi 23.1 km 1,726' Up 526.16 m Up 1,726' Down 526.21 m Down

Irwin, ID
Favorite Glacier Peak from Miner's Ridge

Spider Gap - Buck Creek Pass Loop

43.3 mi 69.8 km 9,095' Up 2772.1 m Up 9,090' Down 2770.78 m Down

Stehekin, WA
Favorite Rainbow Lakes after an early winter storm.

Rainbow Lakes

2.5 mi 4.0 km 293' Up 89.29 m Up 293' Down 89.22 m Down

Nederland, CO
Favorite Lake Durant at sunset

NPT (Northville-Placid Trail)

141.2 mi 227.3 km 12,875' Up 3924.39 m Up 12,070' Down 3678.84 m Down

Northville, NY
Favorite The Peoples Trail - A photo shot of a couple along the Appalachian Trail from atop Max Patch Mountain in Pisgah National Forest. There are many stunning views along the 2,200-mile east coast trail, but nothing quite like the panoramic scene of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Appalachian Trail (AT)

2,182.1 mi 3,511.8 km 430,151' Up 131110 m Up 428,648' Down 130652 m Down

Dahlonega, GA
Favorite Glacier Lake outlet with trail heading down to Frazier Lake

Eagle Cap Wilderness Loop

40.3 mi 64.8 km 10,001' Up 3048.17 m Up 10,003' Down 3048.81 m Down

Joseph, OR
Favorite Overlooking Lake Elsa from the north.

Elsa/Spear Lake Loop

25.3 mi 40.7 km 5,122' Up 1561.24 m Up 5,119' Down 1560.25 m Down

Sheridan, WY
Favorite Toms Branch Falls

Deep Creek to Clingmans Dome

49.5 mi 79.6 km 9,414' Up 2869.43 m Up 9,410' Down 2868.3 m Down

Bryson…, NC
Favorite Where the creek becomes the trail.

Boulder to Highway 12 via Lower Death Hollow

20.0 mi 32.2 km 1,477' Up 450.33 m Up 3,052' Down 930.1 m Down

Escalante, UT
Favorite Hiking atop the Copper Ridge Trail.

Copper Ridge Loop

35.4 mi 57.1 km 8,660' Up 2639.55 m Up 8,658' Down 2638.84 m Down

Peacefu…, WA
Favorite Small waterfall/Three Crosses

Laurel Falls and Buzzard Point

9.3 mi 14.9 km 1,720' Up 524.23 m Up 1,719' Down 524.06 m Down

Dayton, TN