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Favorite Outlet from Lower Jackass Lakes drops quickly. Balloon Dome is in the center. The ridge on the left is the Silver Divide. The one on the right is the Kaiser Wilderness. In between is the South Fork of the San Joaquin River.

Norris Lake Trail to Jackass Lakes

7.5 mi 12.1 km 1,741' Up 530.66 m Up 1,740' Down 530.5 m Down

Mammoth…, CA
Favorite Sunset view from the Grand View campsite.

Okanagan High Rim Trail

37.9 mi 61.0 km 7,560' Up 2304.38 m Up 6,107' Down 1861.5 m Down

Kelowna, BC
Favorite Warrior Creek

Tenas Peak Loop

13.0 mi 20.9 km 2,303' Up 702.03 m Up 2,303' Down 701.86 m Down

Crater…, OR
Favorite Trout Creek trail showing columnar basalt cliff. (01-10-2019)

Trout Creek Trail

7.6 mi 12.2 km 497' Up 151.36 m Up 497' Down 151.39 m Down

Warm Sp…, OR
Favorite A small portion of the 160 degree panorama visible as you climb the ridge to Railbow Lake. The trail avoids this talus.

Rainbow and Ruth Lakes Trail

1.8 mi 2.9 km 562' Up 171.26 m Up 111' Down 33.81 m Down

Yosemit…, CA
Favorite Small town at the eastern base of the park

Jirisan Traverse

39.2 mi 63.0 km 11,554' Up 3521.66 m Up 11,554' Down 3521.6 m Down

Kurye, KR
Favorite Slide Lake from pass (10-3-2018)

High Lake and Slide Lake Overlook

4.6 mi 7.4 km 1,137' Up 346.56 m Up 1,138' Down 346.94 m Down

Canyon…, OR
Favorite Heron in the Inner Harbour

K&P Trail

62.8 mi 101.0 km 1,320' Up 402.29 m Up 890' Down 271.27 m Down

Kingston, ON
Favorite Namesake of the Rattlesnake Canyon Trail: crotalus atrox.

Rattlesnake Canyon Loop

6.1 mi 9.9 km 676' Up 205.99 m Up 668' Down 203.52 m Down

Whites…, NM
Favorite Canyon Rim Trail - The Point - boot shot

Roaring Plains Circuit

12.8 mi 20.6 km 2,203' Up 671.35 m Up 2,237' Down 681.78 m Down

Davis, WV