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Favorite One hell of an evening at the Maroon Bells

Four Pass Loop

27.1 mi 43.6 km 7,265' Up 2214.42 m Up 7,266' Down 2214.53 m Down

Snowmas…, CO
Favorite Coming down Bright Angel.

South Kaibab/Bright Angel Loop

21.6 mi 34.7 km 4,968' Up 1514.22 m Up 4,978' Down 1517.24 m Down

Grand C…, AZ
Favorite Tablerock Mountain (to the right) from Shortoff Mountain.

Linville Gorge Wilderness Loop

21.9 mi 35.2 km 4,723' Up 1439.6 m Up 4,722' Down 1439.31 m Down

Glen Al…, NC
Favorite Storms over North Carolina.

Massie Gap to Mt Rogers Summit Out and Back

8.6 mi 13.8 km 1,351' Up 411.86 m Up 1,351' Down 411.66 m Down

Marion, VA
Favorite Pilot Mountain on the Art Loeb Trail

Art Loeb Trail

31.1 mi 50.1 km 7,578' Up 2309.92 m Up 6,409' Down 1953.61 m Down

Brevard, NC
Favorite A small outcropping gives an incredible view of the unique rock formations of the Lost Creek Wilderness.

Lost Creek Wilderness Loop

29.2 mi 47.0 km 6,156' Up 1876.38 m Up 6,156' Down 1876.4 m Down

Bailey, CO
Favorite South Loop scenery

Zaleski Backpack Trail South Loop

10.3 mi 16.6 km 955' Up 291.04 m Up 956' Down 291.42 m Down

Athens, OH
Favorite Views of the jagged Dragontail Peak across Colchuck Lake.

Colchuck Lake

8.3 mi 13.4 km 2,222' Up 677.35 m Up 2,222' Down 677.23 m Down

Leavenw…, WA
Favorite Photo by Sam Dean Photography for Roanoke Outside Foundation

Virginia's Triple Crown Loop

34.8 mi 55.9 km 6,774' Up 2064.63 m Up 6,778' Down 2065.99 m Down

Salem, VA
Favorite Rae Lakes, Pacific Crest Trail, Kings Canyon National Park.

Rae Lakes Loop

40.4 mi 65.0 km 6,966' Up 2123.17 m Up 6,966' Down 2123.14 m Down

Squaw V…, CA
Favorite Badlands formations strike awe in the hearts of their visitors.

Sage Creek Wilderness Area Loop

22.2 mi 35.7 km 639' Up 194.73 m Up 639' Down 194.75 m Down

Kadoka, SD
Favorite Looking down on Gilpin Lake from halfway up the pass.

Zirkel Circle

10.4 mi 16.8 km 2,360' Up 719.41 m Up 2,363' Down 720.25 m Down

Steambo…, CO
Favorite View from the Mt. Mitchell summit.

Mount Mitchell

11.7 mi 18.8 km 3,651' Up 1112.72 m Up 3,650' Down 1112.62 m Down

Black M…, NC
Favorite Bell Rock.

Courthouse Butte Loop

3.9 mi 6.3 km 302' Up 92.2 m Up 303' Down 92.4 m Down

Village…, AZ
Favorite The view from the summit.

Grayson Highlands: A.T. – Pine Mtn Loop

12.3 mi 19.8 km 1,872' Up 570.52 m Up 1,872' Down 570.63 m Down

Marion, VA
Favorite Sapphire Twilight: Mt. Fisk, Mt. Huxley, and Sapphire Lake at twilight. Evolution Basin, Kings Canyon National Park, California.

North Lake to South Lake Loop

55.0 mi 88.5 km 9,017' Up 2748.25 m Up 8,458' Down 2577.89 m Down

West Bi…, CA
Favorite Resting the legs after a long hike up. This view from atop Mt. Leconte is known as Cliff Top.

Mount Le Conte Loop

16.0 mi 25.7 km 3,960' Up 1207.09 m Up 3,964' Down 1208.13 m Down

Bryson…, NC
Favorite Canyon Creek can be seen trickling out of the south end of Lower Canyon Creek Lake.

Canyon Creek Lakes Trail

14.5 mi 23.4 km 2,629' Up 801.36 m Up 2,629' Down 801.36 m Down

Weaverv…, CA
Favorite Across the gorge.

Hanson's Point Loop

9.7 mi 15.6 km 1,782' Up 543.2 m Up 1,782' Down 543.13 m Down

Frenchburg, KY
Favorite The climb to the peak.

Laugavegur Route

52.0 mi 83.8 km 7,331' Up 2234.51 m Up 9,186' Down 2800.03 m Down

Selfoss, IS
Favorite "Ferney" the big pine tree. It is big, but not sure of it's significance.

Pine Mountain Trail

23.3 mi 37.5 km 2,482' Up 756.42 m Up 2,732' Down 832.73 m Down

Manchester, GA
Favorite The top of Nevada Falls is the best place on earth.

John Muir Trail (JMT)

182.7 mi 294.0 km 43,234' Up 13177.7 m Up 32,854' Down 10013.9 m Down

Yosemit…, CA
Favorite Looking out near McRae Peak.

Peaks of Grandfather Mountain

9.1 mi 14.6 km 2,827' Up 861.65 m Up 2,827' Down 861.62 m Down

Banner Elk, NC
Favorite Bridge #7 in early October

Mount Rosa via Pipeline Trail

14.8 mi 23.8 km 3,981' Up 1213.37 m Up 3,983' Down 1214.09 m Down

Manitou…, CO
Favorite View west from Mount Whitney Trail

Cottonwood Pass Trail to Whitney Portal

38.7 mi 62.3 km 7,417' Up 2260.62 m Up 8,973' Down 2734.97 m Down

Lone Pine, CA
Favorite Heading for our campsite by the pond after another long day.

Highland Mary Lakes Loop

7.8 mi 12.5 km 1,824' Up 555.88 m Up 1,824' Down 555.87 m Down

Silverton, CO
Favorite Jacob Hamblin Arch will blow your mind!

Coyote Gulch Loop Trail

13.5 mi 21.8 km 1,479' Up 450.71 m Up 1,482' Down 451.58 m Down

Escalante, UT
Favorite The Goat Rocks don't disappoint - fields of flowers and Mt. Adams pose at sunset.

Snowgrass Flats Loop

15.0 mi 24.1 km 2,978' Up 907.84 m Up 2,988' Down 910.6 m Down

Morton, WA
Favorite Green Lakes in front of Broken Top

Green Lakes

9.6 mi 15.4 km 1,154' Up 351.78 m Up 1,154' Down 351.78 m Down

Deschut…, OR
Favorite Camping on slickrock at Reflection Canyon is like nothing else.

Reflection Canyon

15.4 mi 24.7 km 1,234' Up 376 m Up 1,233' Down 375.82 m Down

Page, AZ