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Favorite Lovely summer day on Humpback rocks.

Humpback Rocks

1.8 mi 2.9 km 817' Up 249.16 m Up 817' Down 249.02 m Down

Nellysford, VA
Favorite Ice Mtn & The Three Apostles from Huron Pk with permission from BoulderTraveler

Huron Peak

6.4 mi 10.2 km 3,301' Up 1006.19 m Up 3,301' Down 1006.03 m Down

Buena V…, CO
Favorite My team finishing up the trail on the stairs.

Trail 8 - 3 Dunes Challenge

2.2 mi 3.6 km 238' Up 72.43 m Up 237' Down 72.31 m Down

Chesterton, IN
Favorite Balanced Rock is one of the top sunrise hikes! With views to the east the mountains of Sierra del Carmen light up a spectacular purple. Contrasted with the light, bouldered desert landscape it is a sight to behold.

Balanced Rock

2.0 mi 3.1 km 236' Up 71.83 m Up 235' Down 71.78 m Down

Big Ben…, TX
Favorite Mt Sherman summit

Mt. Sherman

4.8 mi 7.7 km 1,972' Up 600.93 m Up 1,971' Down 600.71 m Down

Leadville, CO
Favorite Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, United States

Kilauea Iki Crater Loop

3.3 mi 5.3 km 472' Up 143.77 m Up 458' Down 139.51 m Down

Volcano, HI
Favorite Stunning view of Rainier at sunset. Bring headlamps!

Kendall Katwalk

12.2 mi 19.7 km 2,621' Up 798.78 m Up 2,620' Down 798.61 m Down

Riverbend, WA
Favorite Bubble Rock, Acadia National Park.

Bubble Rock

1.2 mi 1.9 km 288' Up 87.74 m Up 288' Down 87.64 m Down

Bar Harbor, ME
Favorite Great viewing spot along the trail at the far end of the lollipop

Matthews Winters Lollipop

5.1 mi 8.2 km 711' Up 216.7 m Up 710' Down 216.49 m Down

Morrison, CO
Favorite hiking Blue Creek Trail

Outer Mountain Loop

31.8 mi 51.1 km 6,453' Up 1966.83 m Up 6,453' Down 1966.96 m Down

Big Ben…, TX
Favorite Looking up to the top of Atalaya Trail.  Huskies think snow is a good thing.

Atalaya Mountain Trail (#170)

6.5 mi 10.5 km 1,745' Up 531.84 m Up 1,745' Down 531.83 m Down

Santa Fe, NM
Favorite Hikers descending the gully, not far from the summit. The 13,500 ft saddle can be seen in the distance.

Mt. Sneffels

5.0 mi 8.0 km 2,431' Up 741.11 m Up 2,430' Down 740.72 m Down

Ouray, CO
Favorite Spring in the desert sure is beautiful.

White Rock Loop

6.4 mi 10.3 km 1,138' Up 346.83 m Up 1,108' Down 337.68 m Down

Summerl…, NV
Favorite Rae Lakes, Pacific Crest Trail, Kings Canyon National Park.

Rae Lakes Loop

40.4 mi 65.0 km 6,971' Up 2124.75 m Up 6,971' Down 2124.71 m Down

Squaw V…, CA
Favorite Multnomah Falls - 620ft of raw water power...

Multnomah Falls Loop

4.8 mi 7.7 km 1,554' Up 473.69 m Up 1,510' Down 460.14 m Down

Bridal…, OR
Favorite Evening shot of Beaver Brook Trail

Beaver Brook Out and Back

7.1 mi 11.5 km 1,055' Up 321.49 m Up 1,054' Down 321.23 m Down

Golden, CO
Favorite Traverse Echo Canyon's tunnel of color along the East Rim Trail.

Zion Traverse

48.7 mi 78.4 km 6,279' Up 1913.97 m Up 6,582' Down 2006.3 m Down

Toquerv…, UT
Favorite Everything is clear at 5000ft above.  You can even see the tall buildings in Downtown Los Angeles!

Chantry Flat/Mt. Wilson Loop

15.3 mi 24.6 km 4,195' Up 1278.55 m Up 4,183' Down 1274.84 m Down

Sierra…, CA
Favorite Badlands formations strike awe in the hearts of their visitors.

Sage Creek Wilderness Area Loop

22.2 mi 35.7 km 639' Up 194.73 m Up 639' Down 194.75 m Down

Kadoka, SD
Favorite Looking at the final ascent to the peak.


9.6 mi 15.5 km 3,596' Up 1095.95 m Up 3,595' Down 1095.87 m Down

Alta, UT
Favorite Trail maintenance is a BIG job on the Hoh River Trail!

Hoh Rain Forest Out and Back

9.9 mi 15.9 km 420' Up 128.01 m Up 422' Down 128.6 m Down

Forks, WA
Favorite Bar Island view at low tide. with permission from E Koh

Bar Island Trail

1.5 mi 2.4 km 132' Up 40.22 m Up 132' Down 40.21 m Down

Bar Harbor, ME
Favorite A proper Acadian hello.

Wonderland Trail

1.3 mi 2.1 km 59' Up 18.07 m Up 59' Down 18.08 m Down

Tremont, ME
Favorite Milky Way from the park

Deer Mountain

6.3 mi 10.1 km 1,325' Up 403.97 m Up 1,325' Down 403.92 m Down

Estes Park, CO
Favorite Taking in the view of St. Helens and Rainier from just off the Wildwood Trail in Washington Park. Bill Cunningham Photo

Wildwood Trail - National Recreation Trail

29.4 mi 47.3 km 2,345' Up 714.63 m Up 2,425' Down 739.05 m Down

West Ha…, OR
Favorite Looking down on Gilpin Lake from halfway up the pass.

Zirkel Circle

10.4 mi 16.8 km 2,360' Up 719.41 m Up 2,363' Down 720.25 m Down

Steambo…, CO
Favorite View to Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls

2.3 mi 3.7 km 654' Up 199.46 m Up 686' Down 209.02 m Down

Bridal…, OR
Favorite View from the Mt. Mitchell summit.

Mount Mitchell

11.7 mi 18.8 km 3,651' Up 1112.72 m Up 3,650' Down 1112.62 m Down

Black M…, NC
Favorite Northward bound backpacker taking in the view with his morning snack.

Muir Beach Loop

5.8 mi 9.4 km 1,164' Up 354.88 m Up 1,164' Down 354.8 m Down

Tamalpa…, CA
Favorite Approaching the summit of Mt. Marcy.

Mt. Marcy via Van Hoevenberg Trail

14.0 mi 22.5 km 3,101' Up 945.04 m Up 3,101' Down 945.17 m Down

Lake Pl…, NY