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Favorite Zion Canyon Overlook with Rainbow

Canyon Overlook Trail

0.7 mi 1.2 km 101' Up 30.81 m Up 101' Down 30.78 m Down

Springdale, UT
Favorite Yosemite Falls with Half Dome in the background.

Upper Yosemite Falls and Yosemite Point Hike

8.0 mi 12.8 km 3,374' Up 1028.33 m Up 3,374' Down 1028.39 m Down

Yosemit…, CA
Favorite Near Thunder Hole, Acadia National Park

Gorham Mountain Loop

3.6 mi 5.9 km 774' Up 235.82 m Up 781' Down 238.17 m Down

Bar Harbor, ME
Favorite Iceberg Lake.

Iceberg Lake

9.8 mi 15.8 km 1,349' Up 411.22 m Up 1,349' Down 411.17 m Down

Swiftcu…, MT
Favorite Such an incredible spot in Yosemite. Clouds Rest is appropriately named with 360 views of the park including Half Dome.

Clouds Rest Viewpoint Trail

12.4 mi 20.0 km 2,129' Up 649.04 m Up 2,130' Down 649.17 m Down

Yosemit…, CA
Favorite A snowy start of the Mesa Trail looking at the first Flatiron.

Royal Arch Out and Back

3.4 mi 5.5 km 1,252' Up 381.69 m Up 1,251' Down 381.29 m Down

Boulder, CO
Favorite Double Arch at the terminus of the Double Arch Trail

Double Arch Trail

0.5 mi 0.8 km 31' Up 9.41 m Up 31' Down 9.4 m Down

Moab, UT
Favorite At the Base of the Peaks with permission from Hobbes7714 Photo Credit: Andrew Wahr  Link: https://twitter.com/WahrAndrew

Jenny Lake

7.3 mi 11.8 km 385' Up 117.35 m Up 384' Down 117.19 m Down

Jackson, WY
Favorite Long shot at 07:30 am from 12,680' looking down southeast towards the beginning of the trail up to Mount Democrat. This shot shows the progression from a smooth, wide trail to start, to a steeper and rockier climb forward. This is halfway to the summit.


7.0 mi 11.3 km 3,003' Up 915.3 m Up 3,003' Down 915.21 m Down

Copper…, CO
Favorite St Mary's Falls.

St. Mary / Virginia Falls

3.1 mi 5.0 km 467' Up 142.38 m Up 467' Down 142.44 m Down

Rising Sun, MT
Favorite Abrams Falls.

Abrams Falls Out and Back

5.1 mi 8.2 km 550' Up 167.56 m Up 550' Down 167.56 m Down

Maryville, TN
Favorite The exposed scrambling to the true summit of Mount Si - caution advised! Fun if you know what you're doing, but it would be very unpleasant if wet.

Mt. Si

6.6 mi 10.7 km 3,281' Up 1000.02 m Up 3,282' Down 1000.36 m Down

Tanner, WA
Favorite Storms over North Carolina.

Massie Gap to Mt Rogers Summit Out and Back

8.6 mi 13.8 km 1,351' Up 411.86 m Up 1,351' Down 411.66 m Down

Marion, VA
Favorite Overlook at "The Window" in Big Bend National Park

Window Trail

5.6 mi 9.1 km 914' Up 278.58 m Up 914' Down 278.67 m Down

Big Ben…, TX
Favorite Sundial peak from the shores of Blanche Lake - stunning...

Lake Blanche Trail

7.0 mi 11.3 km 2,592' Up 790.06 m Up 2,592' Down 790.15 m Down

Cottonw…, UT
Favorite Jordan Autumn Twilight Pond

Jordan Pond Path

3.4 mi 5.5 km 29' Up 8.91 m Up 28' Down 8.55 m Down

Bar Harbor, ME
Favorite Sunset over Phoenix while descending Camelback

Camelback Mountain via Cholla Trail

3.2 mi 5.2 km 1,193' Up 363.49 m Up 1,190' Down 362.66 m Down

Paradis…, AZ
Favorite The Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls

Lower Yosemite Fall Trail

1.0 mi 1.6 km 75' Up 22.74 m Up 84' Down 25.55 m Down

Yosemit…, CA
Favorite Red Rocks Trading Post Trail

Mount Morrison

3.6 mi 5.8 km 1,975' Up 602.04 m Up 1,974' Down 601.57 m Down

Morrison, CO
Favorite One of the many cascading falls as you descend Rose River Loop

Rose River Loop

3.8 mi 6.1 km 796' Up 242.59 m Up 797' Down 242.97 m Down

Stanley, VA
Favorite Leave Only Your Footprints. The scene from Grotto Falls after a February morning snow fall in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. From Dec. to mid-March, the trail begins at the Rainbow Falls Trailhead (6 miles r/t). Rest of the year, you can begin at Trillium Gap Trailhead for a 2.6-mile hike.

Grotto Falls

2.6 mi 4.2 km 515' Up 157.07 m Up 516' Down 157.18 m Down

Gatlinburg, TN
Favorite Looking down the mountain from Mt. Bierstadt Trail

Mt. Bierstadt – West Slopes

7.2 mi 11.6 km 2,625' Up 800.22 m Up 2,624' Down 799.88 m Down

Georgetown, CO
Favorite Franconia Ridge

Pemi Loop

30.0 mi 48.3 km 7,492' Up 2283.71 m Up 7,485' Down 2281.31 m Down

Lincoln, NH
Favorite Sunrise from Mt Sanitas

Mount Sanitas Loop

3.2 mi 5.2 km 1,281' Up 390.4 m Up 1,280' Down 390.22 m Down

Boulder, CO
Favorite The view across Lost Lake into the IPW.

Hessie to Lost Lake

4.4 mi 7.1 km 860' Up 262.21 m Up 860' Down 262.12 m Down

Nederland, CO
Favorite Early morning along the trail

Mitchell Lake Trail Out and Back

5.4 mi 8.7 km 864' Up 263.28 m Up 863' Down 263.16 m Down

Nederland, CO
Favorite The first mile of the East Rim Trail is utterly stunning.

Hidden Canyon

3.2 mi 5.2 km 859' Up 261.96 m Up 859' Down 261.8 m Down

Springdale, UT
Favorite Cruising along Benjamin Loop, look off to the side to enjoy great views.

Betasso Preserve

6.7 mi 10.7 km 776' Up 236.5 m Up 778' Down 237.18 m Down

Boulder, CO
Favorite Sol Duc Falls

High Divide Loop

17.6 mi 28.3 km 3,739' Up 1139.63 m Up 3,748' Down 1142.37 m Down

Forks, WA
Favorite Section of the trail with "stairs."

Chavez and Beaver Brook Trail Loop

5.3 mi 8.5 km 1,064' Up 324.33 m Up 1,065' Down 324.73 m Down

Genesee, CO