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Favorite Cannon Mountain, Echo Lake, and Franconia Notch from the top of Bald Mountain.

Bald Mountain Out-and-Back

0.6 mi 1.0 km 243' Up 74.02 m Up 243' Down 73.94 m Down

Franconia, NH
Favorite Waterfall cutting through a stone wall.

Lammerern Hutte from top of Gemmi Tram

6.0 mi 9.6 km 1,113' Up 339.39 m Up 1,109' Down 337.88 m Down

Leukerbad, CH
Favorite Extensive rock walls built in this area.

Flüealp Alpine Pasture and Thermal Canyon Route

9.2 mi 14.7 km 2,488' Up 758.39 m Up 2,481' Down 756.2 m Down

Leukerbad, CH
Favorite Decent views of the debris covered end of the glacier.

Belalp to Riederalp Route (Suspension Bridge over the Massa Gorge)

7.1 mi 11.4 km 1,892' Up 576.55 m Up 2,479' Down 755.68 m Down

Naters, CH
Favorite Looking east along the ridge.

Eiggishon Lift Ridge Route to Bettmerhorn, Moosfluh and Hohfluh

5.1 mi 8.2 km 683' Up 208.32 m Up 2,819' Down 859.38 m Down

Fiesch, CH
Favorite Looking up towards the Grosses Wannenhorn.

Fiescheralp to the Aspi-Titter Hanging Bridge to Bellwald

8.6 mi 13.8 km 1,744' Up 531.6 m Up 3,854' Down 1174.77 m Down

Fiesch, CH
Favorite Looking east along the ridge.
Very Difficult

UNESCO Höhenweg

1.9 mi 3.1 km 593' Up 180.84 m Up 1,303' Down 397.08 m Down

Fiesch, CH
Favorite Aletch glacier with the rocky trail

Top of Bettmerhorn Lift to Märjelensee Lakes & Tunnel

7.2 mi 11.6 km 1,207' Up 367.82 m Up 2,703' Down 823.84 m Down

Fiesch, CH
Favorite View from the trail

Cedar Falls Overlook to Rockhouse Cave

1.8 mi 2.9 km 239' Up 72.74 m Up 239' Down 72.96 m Down

Atkins, AR
Favorite The Tuolumne River at its finest in Yosemite National Park, CA.

Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne to White Wolf

29.8 mi 47.9 km 4,681' Up 1426.72 m Up 5,407' Down 1647.92 m Down

Yosemit…, CA
Favorite View from the north side of Lac Vert

Nant Bordon Suspension Bridge and Lac Vert Loop

4.7 mi 7.5 km 1,046' Up 318.91 m Up 1,008' Down 307.14 m Down

Passy, FR
Favorite Chalet du Col de Balme hut with Mt Blanc range in background.

Vallorcine to Chalet Col du Balme Hut Loop

4.0 mi 6.5 km 1,250' Up 381.15 m Up 1,233' Down 375.8 m Down

Martign…, CH
Favorite Crossing a pretty wildflower meadow below the Bionnassay Glacier.

Bionnassay Glacier's Hanging Bridge

4.5 mi 7.2 km 1,531' Up 466.76 m Up 1,376' Down 419.44 m Down

Les Hou…, FR
Favorite Ibex in the Flegere ski area.

Index Chairlift to Lac Blanc to Flégère Gondola

6.3 mi 10.2 km 1,202' Up 366.45 m Up 2,907' Down 886.09 m Down

Chamoni…, FR
Favorite Wildflowers ringing Lac du Brevent

Lac du Brevent and Aiguillette de Houches

5.8 mi 9.3 km 1,725' Up 525.9 m Up 1,712' Down 521.67 m Down

Chamoni…, FR
Favorite Just before the Bald Mountain summit, running from the west.

Switzerland Trail - Bald Mountain Loop

5.2 mi 8.3 km 797' Up 242.92 m Up 794' Down 241.94 m Down

Boulder, CO
Favorite View of Helen Hunt Falls from Gold Camp Rd.

Mays Peak Lollipop

3.6 mi 5.8 km 803' Up 244.84 m Up 796' Down 242.64 m Down

Manitou…, CO
Favorite Chamois taking in the views.

Lac Cornu, Lac Noir Out-and-Back

6.2 mi 10.1 km 2,320' Up 707.25 m Up 2,319' Down 706.81 m Down

Chamoni…, FR
Favorite Eagle nest in the trees to the left, eagles were gliding due to the stiff breeze off of the river.

Caledon West Side to the Marsh

7.1 mi 11.5 km 640' Up 194.96 m Up 641' Down 195.36 m Down

Dahlgren, VA
Favorite Nice place to stop and put your feet in the water.

Warrie Circuit

8.1 mi 13.1 km 2,108' Up 642.58 m Up 2,139' Down 651.84 m Down

Tallebu…, AU
Favorite Profile of Linville Falls from Plunge Basin

Linville Falls Full Tour

4.7 mi 7.6 km 953' Up 290.58 m Up 938' Down 285.8 m Down

Spruce…, NC
Favorite Sunset of my life at second beach campsite.

Olympic National Park South Coast Route

16.1 mi 26.0 km 1,971' Up 600.8 m Up 2,217' Down 675.82 m Down

Forks, WA
Favorite Mt. Daly heading up Cozlyline

Intercept Lot to Rodeo Lot via Sky Mountain Park

7.7 mi 12.3 km 1,206' Up 367.57 m Up 882' Down 268.94 m Down

Snowmas…, CO
Favorite Desolation Lake in the morning light, from an adjacent meadow

Deso-Crest-Dog Loop

12.9 mi 20.8 km 2,770' Up 844.37 m Up 2,769' Down 843.89 m Down

Alta, UT
Favorite View at beach trailhead looking south out over Loch Ness.

North Loch Ness and Aldourie

4.0 mi 6.5 km 274' Up 83.54 m Up 274' Down 83.42 m Down

Inverness, GB
Favorite The trail heads up the hill in the background

North Cottonwood Loop

3.6 mi 5.9 km 872' Up 265.81 m Up 871' Down 265.5 m Down

Belgrade, MT
Favorite One of the "Twins".  There is another really big one to the right!

Twin Falls Out-and-Back

2.0 mi 3.2 km 220' Up 67.07 m Up 220' Down 67.09 m Down

Brevard, NC
Favorite No Photos

Maple Hollow South > Eagle Crest > Woodshollow

4.4 mi 7.1 km 576' Up 175.65 m Up 577' Down 175.97 m Down

Alpine, UT
Favorite Rainbow Falls in the Walter - Newton Natural Area.

Walter - Newton Loop

1.5 mi 2.5 km 158' Up 48.3 m Up 156' Down 47.69 m Down

Plymouth, NH
Favorite View back toward LA from a few minutes into the hike up from the Dark Canyon Trailhead toward Grizzly Flat

Mt Lukens Road Saddle Out-and-Back

5.2 mi 8.4 km 1,182' Up 360.31 m Up 1,181' Down 359.91 m Down

La Cres…, CA