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Favorite Monch view!

Männlichen - Kleine Scheidegg

3.6 mi 5.8 km 595' Up 181.38 m Up 1,138' Down 346.71 m Down

Lauterb…, CH
Favorite Laurel Falls by Smoky Moments Photography. Please don't attempt to climb on and around the falls. Several people have been seriously hurt falling on the slippery surfaces.

Laurel Falls

2.5 mi 4.1 km 351' Up 107 m Up 351' Down 106.93 m Down

Gatlinburg, TN
Favorite Along the shores of Lake Josephine. with permission from danhester

Grinnell Lake

7.1 mi 11.4 km 190' Up 58 m Up 190' Down 58.04 m Down

Swiftcu…, MT
Favorite Triple Falls at DuPont State Forest.

DuPont State Forest Triple Falls Loop

3.1 mi 5.0 km 388' Up 118.35 m Up 389' Down 118.47 m Down

Brevard, NC
Favorite View from San Gabriel Peak

Red Box to San Gabriel Peak

3.9 mi 6.2 km 1,422' Up 433.39 m Up 1,422' Down 433.3 m Down

Altadena, CA
Favorite The sun rises over a sleeping Monument Valley.

Wildcat Trail

4.1 mi 6.5 km 381' Up 116.26 m Up 385' Down 117.34 m Down

Kayenta, AZ
Favorite Sloping flanks of Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock Tour

6.3 mi 10.1 km 771' Up 234.96 m Up 769' Down 234.53 m Down

Frederi…, TX
Favorite Looking across the San Bernardino Mts, at Mt. San Antonio (Baldy), in the San Gabriel Mts, from the Keller Peak Fire Lookout.

Keller Peak via Exploration Trail

12.6 mi 20.3 km 2,022' Up 616.43 m Up 2,022' Down 616.43 m Down

Running…, CA
Favorite Exiting the tunnel

Pennsylvania Turnpike Abandoned Tunnels

17.6 mi 28.4 km 2,132' Up 649.82 m Up 2,131' Down 649.65 m Down

McConne…, PA
Favorite Looking east

Aravaipa Creek

11.0 mi 17.7 km 585' Up 178.42 m Up 197' Down 60 m Down

Mammoth, AZ
Favorite Spring green everywhere in this enchanted little spot: great for a peaceful pause along the way...

Island Ford South Loop

2.2 mi 3.5 km 204' Up 62.12 m Up 205' Down 62.38 m Down

Dunwoody, GA
Favorite Dwarfed by the trees.

Warren Woods

1.6 mi 2.6 km 54' Up 16.46 m Up 54' Down 16.42 m Down

Three Oaks, MI
Favorite Camouflage

Tram Trail

15.3 mi 24.6 km 7' Up 2.17 m Up 7' Down 2.18 m Down

Tamiami, FL
Favorite Beacon rock from the river.

Beacon Rock Summit Trail

0.8 mi 1.3 km 555' Up 169.25 m Up 550' Down 167.63 m Down

Stevenson, WA
Favorite Fog rolling over Deception Pass Bridge.

Rosario to the Points and Back

4.1 mi 6.7 km 534' Up 162.65 m Up 534' Down 162.63 m Down

Anacortes, WA
Favorite Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge is fun to cross and a great reminder of how much effort goes into building and maintaining trails!

Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge

2.0 mi 3.3 km 434' Up 132.26 m Up 434' Down 132.23 m Down

Draper, UT
Favorite Madeira.

Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo

5.3 mi 8.5 km 2,009' Up 612.39 m Up 2,689' Down 819.58 m Down

Curral…, PT
Favorite Valles Toledo and the northeastern corner of Valles Caldera National Preserve looking northwest from Pajarito Mountain.

Pajarito Mountain Loop

4.9 mi 7.9 km 1,246' Up 379.79 m Up 1,246' Down 379.84 m Down

Los Alamos, NM
Favorite Fire road leading north from Compton Gap Parking Area.

Compton Gap to Compton Peak

2.3 mi 3.7 km 617' Up 187.93 m Up 617' Down 188.17 m Down

Front R…, VA
Favorite Approaching the top of the Sentinel.

Grand Balcon and Signal Forbes

4.1 mi 6.6 km 600' Up 182.81 m Up 1,837' Down 559.95 m Down

Chamoni…, FR
Favorite This trail takes you to the little beach finger you see sticking out into the water on the left side of the picture.

Lakeway Canyonlands to Rough Hollow Cove

6.0 mi 9.7 km 660' Up 201.29 m Up 658' Down 200.63 m Down

Lakeway, TX
Favorite Toms Branch Falls

Deep Creek Loop

5.1 mi 8.2 km 847' Up 258.19 m Up 854' Down 260.16 m Down

Bryson…, NC
Favorite Looking Northeast across the canyon from the Hell Canyon Trail.

Hell Canyon Trail

5.4 mi 8.7 km 606' Up 184.71 m Up 629' Down 191.69 m Down

Custer, SD
Favorite The Colorado River winds its way through the desert sandstone.

Rabbit’s Ear

6.1 mi 9.8 km 792' Up 241.34 m Up 792' Down 241.47 m Down

Loma, CO
Favorite From the whale

Whale Rock Trail

0.5 mi 0.9 km 78' Up 23.71 m Up 77' Down 23.62 m Down

Moab, UT
Favorite Looking up through the trees covered in snow and frost while on the Porters Creek Trail.

Porters Creek Trail

7.3 mi 11.8 km 1,506' Up 459.02 m Up 1,506' Down 459.06 m Down

Gatlinburg, TN
Favorite Lots of rocks and driftwood to conquer!

Third Beach

4.5 mi 7.3 km 410' Up 125.05 m Up 410' Down 124.98 m Down

Forks, WA
Favorite The beginning of the trail just after the trailhead.

Joe Prance Nature Trail and Butterfly Gardens

0.9 mi 1.5 km 15' Up 4.52 m Up 15' Down 4.52 m Down

Dearbor…, MI
Favorite Banks of the American River

Nature Loop

1.6 mi 2.5 km 21' Up 6.29 m Up 20' Down 6.23 m Down

Carmichael, CA
Favorite Overlook on the No Dogs Trail.

Crystal Cove Loop

9.7 mi 15.6 km 1,081' Up 329.55 m Up 1,081' Down 329.64 m Down

San Joa…, CA